Dentistry Financing
Syracuse & Auburn, NY

Fees and Payments

While many general dentistry procedures are covered by insurance, most cosmetic dentistry procedures are not. Therefore, we make every effort to inform our patients of our service fees in advance. If your treatment requires a number of visits, you will be given an estimate of your total bill and provided the opportunity to discuss financial arrangements with our business office. Please feel free to discuss fees and any unusual financial problems with us. We will do all we can to accommodate your needs. We accept all major credit cards for payment.


We are knowledgeable about dental insurance coverage and will do everything possible to help you obtain maximum benefits. Please remember that it is your responsibility to pay any charges not covered by your insurance company, such as those for most cosmetic dentistry procedures. Our business office will be happy to answer questions about your account. Many times a call can prevent a misunderstanding.

Syracuse Office

Martin & Winkler D.D.S. P.C.

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Auburn Office

Martin & Winkler D.D.S. P.C.

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